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The Queen

taylor swift“This is a terrible thing, I never know this could happen to me,” whispered her through her open lips. She is smearing her favorite lipstick.
I knew exactly what she was talking about, —she has been doing it since last week—, but I kept my innocence with her.
“Nothing terrible happened, dear.”
She waved her hand, bored of my lie. “I am not in the mood.”
I smiled at her. She replied it coldly.
“I don’t recognize myself,” whispered her again. On contrary, I knew her very much to not to bother her anymore. She took a handkerchief and slipped it between her lips, bit it mildly for a fraction seconds, and threw it afterwards with a deep ‘sigh’. She studied her face thoroughly. She looked dejected and I knew the signs as well. She could easily spend her entire day to gripe over her newly found smiling wrinkles.
“Did you see it?” she asked.
“Everybody has wrinkle. Furthermore, nobody would be able to examine yours closely.”
She shot me a deadly look. I saw her eyes mirroring an ocean ready to sink me in.
“That girl is growing prettier every day. How I long to set a scar across her face,” she complained. Then she opened her jewelry box and took some silver pins, a ghost of smile appears while she hissed, “one tiny little scratch would do.”
She seems quite happy with her own thought for a while. Later she spent couples of minutes to do her hair. Tonight she wore it naturally by letting it fall behind her back. She made two small braids through her ears and pulling it together at back, enough to show her ears and neck off.
After observing her face for a bit longer, she smirked and said, “Gods know how I want her dead.”
“She’s barely seventeen,” I replied.
“Then tell me how can she is already on your radar!?”
I hold myself to scream back at her. “Her beauty beyond her own age. If anything, she is not the fairest, yet. Both of you, are.”
“I CAN’T ACCEPT ANYONE AS FAIRY AS ME!!! LET ALONE MORE!!!” she slammed the desk so everything on it scattered. Her chest panting excessively for her anger rising rapidly. Her dark eyes shot back with lightning.
“Manner,” I whispered to her.
“Manner,” she imitated me. Afterwards she pulled her drawer and took her bottle of tranquilizer out. I let her drink it. She needs it to prepare herself hearing what I am going to tell.
Slowly, she stepped back from her desk, and spelled it, “MAGIC MIRROR ON THE WALL! WHO IS THE FAIREST ONE OF ALL??!!”


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