dibuang [sayang]

my not so secret pensieve


Jika aku punya cinta pertama. Itu puisi.

I deleted junk emails this morning, and some others. I found some of my old poetry (old?) I sent to certain someone and certain publishers. I felt bad, hahaha. Sure, they didn’t reply. *cried*

So I decide to open another page here just for my old poetry. Old means it has nothing with me now. I will post my ‘actual’ poetry at homepage so you really cannot relate anything from here to me, hahaha.

I have to make a clear statement here because some of those poetry were really connecting to some people. I even mention names in some poetry. Still, like I’ve said, I don’t think about these poetry anymore. They are mine. But they are my past.

You can’t dwell on past too long, can you?

So why did you post them anyway? Hahahaha…!! *banging head*

Just because, I want you all to know, that in this life, we fell, we cried, we laughed, we hurt, through all those kind of emotions, we still survived.

Because we shared. And here I am sharing, with all my flaws.

pelan sekali rasa itu datang
diam-diam ia memelukku


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