This morning, Wife went to the market so I have to babysit the baby. I was still too sleepy so I put Upin-Ipin in loop in laptop (don’t judge me). Hey, what’s your suggestion for baby anyway? Wife despises Masha and The Bear citing it might trigger her to be a hyperactive kid and we don’t want that. Hopefully Baby A doesn’t want to be bald because watching Upin-Ipin though. *cries*

I know – I know. They don’t need those cartoon-tv-Youtube-you name it, what they need is us as the parents. Yeah. I am fully aware of it. But like I said, I was too sleepy, haha, so yeah, there will always be an exception for every rules, right?

Long story short, it reached the episode when the teacher (Cikgu) asked the class to read a story about a boy who can run very fast (you know the story, right?), but unfortunately the boy got very cocky about it, he mocks them who slower than him. So one day, a turtle challenges him to have a race.

You know the ending, right?

So, there comes Mail (a friend of Upin-Ipin, in case you don’t know, he is famous for his line: due seringgit), he thinks the story is too impossible. How can a very fast runner lost a race against a turtle? For him, it was just too unrealistic. Remember, he is a boy who knows how to sell something, haha.

Cikgu then tell Mail that it’s okay to have your own opinion, but you have to stick with the original story, because in the original version, there is a message about hardworking, be passionate, stay humble, etc etc.

Long story short, I then remember the other day when I put Toy Story on laptop. Okay… I admit, I gave my baby too much time in front of the laptop. *cries*

I am so sorry, dear. 

54383-prompt2b91Focus, back to the topic, in that film, there is a naughty boy name Sid. He likes to blow up his toy and broke it and interchange it parts so almost all of his toys, look like a monster because its unusual organ. He is a very bad little kid, according to the movie.

But…, if you look at it again, you have to admit that actually Sid is far more creative than Andy. While Andy only play his toy like a usual kid, Sid surpassed his imagination and build another world which in my opinion, much cooler than a bank robbery scenario from Andy. Muahaha. But yeah, Sid just need to be told be play nicer, but not to kill his wild imagination.

Long story short again, this brought me to remember LINE chat when one of my friend there: Eka, was called Ewkarin. It was just a joke, you know. Because I don’t really know who the hell is Ewkarin, I searched about it, and it’s not Ewkarin, it’s actually Awkarin. You got the joke, right? *banging head* *the group can’t be more lame*

I bet some of you already know Awkarin. Quite an internet sensation lately. She brought this bad girl image, and surprisingly, catch the attention of the teenager. Well, perhaps, because some of us feel that she’s like a fresh air in the era of a fake ‘nice-cute-humble-smart-full of hope-generation’ that dominate the tv/internet? I don’t know. In my opinion, being a bad girl (but clever, they actually said that) like that is very stupid. I mean, it’s like you only have that choice in this world. Poor case. LMAO.

For me, they’re just a bunch of lazy soul, who satisfied too quickly. Meh.

But then again, Mail, Sid, and Ewkarin showed us that sometime, different opinion can’t be judged simply as like it is black or white case. There are too many colors now and nothing is really black, and nothing is a pure white. Too often they’re in between and nothing is stay there forever, people change, time change, so yeah.

Is it true? Of course not. I, honestly (or some will say naively) believe there are things that will stay as black as its first and vice versa. Killing innocent people: BLACK. Helping a stranded dog: WHITE. Stealing someone’s spouse: BLACK. You have your own list.

You just need to move your lazy ass and brain. Find it. There are so many ways or rules in this life, you just need to pick some. Because we’re human, we’re not THAT free, okay? In my opinion, rules that you should find should has this THREE criteria: first, it should be something that fits your nature disposition as a human; then it should be something that logical/rational, and the last one, it should make you feel peace inside.

So, instead blaming others when they pointing your mistakes and defending yourself (and sometime playing victim), try to really find your perfect color. The real color that would bring the best of you. Because you’re still young, and it’s still in the morning.

Oh, such a rambling. Remember, you don’t want to be in the position of one difficult day, when you’re rubbing your feet in your door mat and suddenly it’s speaking to you: kalian semuah sucih, akuh penuh nodah.